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Welcome to the FLARPstuck wiki, for a roleplay on the MSPAForums!

AriNemea began a rough draft for this roleplay months ago, but curious as to how it might work out, chose to post it on the MSPA forums. The plot is not extremely different from that of Homestuck, yet it is based purely around teenage trolls within a new session. The original plan was for there to be 9 teenagers and 9 adults to match, but the actual numbers are still in debate. The original plot is featured below.

"These trolls are the best FLARPers on Alternia. They are the strongest, smartest, and highest ranking. They have a better chance of surviving the session. We have chosen them to complete the session and rule the new planet they create. Do we all agree to trust them and allow them to take their place in the hierarchy?

The greatest city on Alternia is home to a select few. They are the 'parents' of the planet, the controllers who work directly under the Empress. Alternia is falling around them. They've tried their best to keep the children oblivious to this fact, but they can't wait any longer. Something needs to happen before their race is wiped out. So they have aided in the creation of a new session. Watching the children develop and grow, they have each taken their pick of a young troll who they believe will help win the new session of SGRUB and create a new home. These teenagers who have been chosen know nothing about the burden that is about to be put on them. They have fought all their lives to get the high score, to become the most popular, to strengthen themselves. Now they will have to fight to live and to create a new planet."

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